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Change the Way you Plan for your Family

Helen's Plan is a way to organize your life & property so your loved ones don't have to

A Path to Peace of Mind

Fill out the pages of your “book” with information important to you and your loved ones.

Easy-to-Follow Checklists

Your family and loved ones can find your prioritized checklists in case of an emergency.

Secure Storage

An extensive archive of your life with industry-leading security technology.

It really hits you when you start going through it, that even a simple life has a lot of plot twists in it and would be messy to deal with!
I live fifteen hundred miles from my aging parents and their health isn’t great. Having all of their essential information accessible, and in one place is crucial for our family.
—Shawn, son of Myron and Judith
I love it. I think it is really useful and something that is lacking for people. I really liked the little info spots throughout the site. I want to share this with people, it is so easy to suggest.

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Add Friends & Family

Give secure access to your loved ones and colleagues, at the levels you choose

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Enter Your Info

Put your important life details into Helen's Plan at your own pace

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Keep Your Plan Up-to-Date

Life is never static, so we’ll remind you occasionally to keep your information current

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That’s It!

Your information is safe and ready for when your loved ones need it, always

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Turn Clutter into Confidence

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