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Why everyone should have an end-of-life plan in place.

by | Jul 16, 2022

Helen Claire Edwards Portz was an excellent organizer. She was a selfless wife, mother, and friend, a talented quilter and gardener who passed unexpectedly a few years after her husband.

Following Helen’s passing, her family worked to coordinate her end-of-life plans, close out their parents’ affairs and unravel all the pieces of their life they had spent so many years building, a process that can take families anywhere from a few months to a few years to settle.

Having your life’s details in place when you pass lifts the burden of decision-making off your family and loved ones, and gives them time to freely grieve and find closure in a healthy way – a gift you can give with Helen’s Plan.

Helen’s Plan is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool that gives your family access to the information they need to close your affairs and streamline end-of-life responsibilities. As we age, more and more pieces of our lives get intertwined. Helen’s Plan provides a safe place for those complexities and details to be archived, secured, and encrypted, ensuring your data is safe and accessible to only the family and friends of your choice, at the levels you choose.

From billing, insurance and banking information to passwords, funeral arrangements and pet care, Helen’s Plan archives the details of your life at the pace you enter them and prepares those details into an easy-to-follow checklist that will help your family navigate their end-of-life responsibilities when they need it most.

Whatever your life may look like, Helen’s Plan is for anyone wanting to have their affairs in order, for themselves and their loved ones. It’s for people who are married, people who have children, people who are single or in the beginning stages of a relationship, people in excellent health and those at the end stages of life. It’s for people who want a place for their life’s plans.